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QUILTBAGS Episode 8: How Old’s Your Baby?

QUILTBAGS is a web series which explores sexuality through dramatized scenes with a variety of fascinating characters. You never know who might show up, or what they might want.

If you are new to QUILTBAGS, please scroll down and watch Episode 1, “Little Pitchers”, which will properly introduce the series and give you our wonderful theme song. This episode introduces three new characters and a whole new plot line.  Meet Frank and Rod, a married couple who care for Colette, a ninety year old lady with dementia.

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In this episode, Frank returns the baby monitor that Rod bought and meets Clark the clerk, a young man with a surprisingly sensitive nature.

Staring Rick Myers as Frank,
Kyle Hughes as Clark
Camera by Tim Johnson
Boom handled by Zale Dalen
Edited by Zale Dalen (because Tim is just to damned busy these days)
Script and Direction by Tim Johnson

Though this is a simple scene, it’s been a problem to get it shot.  You can’t believe how difficult it is to find a business that will let a video crew invade their premises for a few hours.

Our sincere thanks to the Nanaimo Green Store, 110-256 Wallace Street, Nanaimo, B.C. V9R 5B3 for allowing us to use their store as our location.  You should shop there if you can.  Great place for very high consciousness food and supplements.