Cast of Characters

WaltercroppedWalter James Becker (Zale Dalen):  A grandfather and a realist, but not about to give up on life.  As the series begins, Walter has announced that he and his wife of more than thirty years will divorce.


ViviancroppedVivian Anne Becker (Ruth Anderson):  Undergoing a teenage identity crisis,  at the age of 55.  Married to Walter but ready to explore alternatives now that divorce is pending.


JohnathancroppedJonathan Becker (Dave Peniuk):  Walter and Vivian’s son,  buffeted by the winds of change in his family.


SarahSarah Becker(Nicole Busby):  An artsy type, heavy into theatre and amateur performance.  Married to Jonathan and very protective of Jake.



JakecroppedJake Becker (Theodor Johnson):  son of Jonathan and Sarah, just about to enter the world of dating and sex and not sure whether he wants to or not.  Rather curious about his gender identity, and keeping all options open.


Rod croppedRod (Tim Johnson):  Gay as the flowers and married to Frank. A bit of a bitch but with a heart of gold.


Frank croppedFrank (Rick Myers):  Married to Rod and generally bemused by everybody.  He is, along with Rod, the primary caregiver for Katherine.



Dorothy Mandy croppedColette (Dorothy Mandy):  95 years old and steeped in history, almost all of which she has forgotten.



ClarkClark (Kyle Hughes):  A store clerk, looks after his mother’s Baby Gear boutique.  Young and straight in a world of older gays. A bunny in the headlights.



Suki  Lily Lederhosen (Suki Davis):  Vivian’s first date as a bicurious woman, and a serious girl crush.

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