QUILTBAGS Episode 6: Mission Accomplished

QUILTBAGS is a web series which explores sexuality through dramatized scenes with a variety of fascinating characters. You never know who might show up, or what they might want.

If you are new to QUILTBAGS, please scroll down and watch Episode 1, “Little Pitchers”, which will properly introduce the series and give you our wonderful theme song. Episodes 1 and 4 are the setup for this episode (episodes 2 and 3 take us on a detour with Walter and Jake). Please don’t forget to register so that you are notified of new episodes.

In this episode, Vivian finally gets to meet a potential sex partner of the feminine gender.  This is the first time we see Lily, and I’d really like to know how you feel about her.

This is the end of the Becker’s story arc for a while.  If all goes well we’ll introduce a whole new cast of characters for the next episode – Frank, his husband Rod, and their 94 year old adopted grandmother with dementia.  Gonna be some fun.

This episode was written by Zale Dalen, with contributions from Ruth Anderson and Tim Johnson, none of which matters because most of the dialogue hit the editing room floor, as we used to say when that is actually what happened.  Now of course it just sits in a file that doesn’t get seen.

J. Douglas Dodd came over late at night to give me another set of eyeballs on the cut and lay on the tinkly seduction piano music.  Thanks Doug.

Camera by Zale Dalen
Sound by Zale Dalen with help from Bill Wolverton
Script assistance by Sharon Fulton
Vivian Becker as usual played by Ruth Anderson
Lily Lederhosen played by Suki Davis

Big thanks to Tim Hortons for letting us shoot in their restaurant.

One thought on “QUILTBAGS Episode 6: Mission Accomplished

  1. I enjoyed meeting Vivian’s new friend, their meeting seemed to go smoothly, with enough hesitation on her part & a natural progression of going to Lily’s house. The seemingly small talk as they get to know one another, I look forward to the next installment.

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