People We Need

First of all, if you live in the Nanaimo area of Vancouver Island in British Columbia and want to be involved in any way, we will probably welcome you onto the team.

If you are out and self identify in any of the categories in the acronym QUILTBAGS we would love to have a still picture or short video of you to include in our theme song and opening.  Right now the visuals for the theme are all wide crowd shots with nobody identified as any particular identity.  Eventually we’d like to include people in all the categories.  So, if you think it would be fun to show up in our opening, please send us a still or short video clip.  Something that expresses who you are.  Send it with a short introduction to:  [email protected]

We need money.  Doesn’t everybody?  We think we are pretty good at creating stories, developing characters, writing, filming and editing.  What we’re no good at is fund raising, or monetizing our work.  If this is something you enjoy doing, please introduce yourself.  Contact Tim or Zale at: email address

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