QUILTBAGS Episode 7: Caring for Colette

QUILTBAGS is a web series which explores sexuality through dramatized scenes with a variety of fascinating characters. You never know who might show up, or what they might want.

If you are new to QUILTBAGS, please scroll down and watch Episode 1, “Little Pitchers”, which will properly introduce the series and give you our wonderful theme song. This episode introduces three new characters and a whole new plot line.  Meet Frank and Rod, a married couple who care for Colette, a ninety year old lady with dementia.

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This is art imitating life.  Rick, who plays Frank, is married to a nurse who worked at a seniors home.  One of the residents was on the verge of eviction for threatening to burn the place down, so he invited her to live with him and his husband.  She has enough money to pay for twenty-four hour care.  They treat her like their beloved grandmother and the three of them have all kinds of fun together.  Stay tuned for a golfing episode.  Some day soon.

This episode stars Rick Myers as Frank, Tim Johnson as Rod, and Dorothy Mandy as Colette.
Camera was by Andrew Nichols
Sound boom by Zale Dalen and Ruth Anderson
Written by Zale Dalen and Tim Johnson.
Script supervision by Theodore Johnson
Directed by Zale R. Dalen, DGC

Only the most sophisticated movie buffs will recognize the homage to “Eyes Wide Shut” in this episode.  It was too subtle for me.  – Zale



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