Production People

Our philosophy when it comes to production is that anybody can do anything.  Often we don’t have a crew,  just the writer and director and the actors.  Sometimes a bystander will be conscripted.  Essentially we believe that the technology has become so user friendly that years of experience are not necessary before one can perform a technical function.

That said, our episode one camera was Tim Johnson (also the writer and director) and Zale Dalen (Walter in episode 2, co-producer and writer for future episodes)

Camera Operator for episode 2 were Tim Johnson (co-producer and also the writer and director) and Andrew D. Nicholls (who so far has not been used in a thespian capacity.)  Set dec was Nichole Busby (Sarah in future episodes).

Editing is by Tim Johnson and/or Zale Dalen

Music:  Zale recorded our theme song into his phone with guitar accompaniment.  Musical genius J. Douglas Dodd took that and added the additional voices – Ruth Anderson and Joelle Rabu.  Then Nico Rhones took a break from working on a stack of symphony scores and sat down at the piano to lay on that amazing piano track in one take.  After hearing the song  once!!!!  We were blown away.  You should be too.

A big welcome to Dana Fehr, who seems to be taking over responsibility for our sound quality.  What a relief that is going to be.

If you live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia and are interested in helping in production, but not interested in acting, we can probably use your help.  You might find yourself written into the series though.  Note: we are firm believers in enthusiastic consent.

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