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QUILTBAGS Episode 4: Dating Advice

QUILTBAGS is a web series which explores sexuality through dramatized scenes with a variety of fascinating characters. You never know who might show up, or what they might want.

If you are new to QUILTBAGS, please scroll down and watch Episode 1, “Little Pitchers”, which will properly introduce the series and give you our wonderful theme song. Episode 1  is the setup for this episode (episodes 2 and 3 take us on a detour with Walter and Jake). Please don’t forget to register so that you are notified of new episodes.

I suppose most viewers of this series will find it hard to believe that anybody still doesn’t know how to find a gay dating site on the Internet.  Well, think about it.  You probably know somebody like that.  If not, I can assure you that they exist.  Technophobia is rampant in Vivian’s generation.  Which is a pity because they could all find gay dating sites if they just put out a bit of effort and overcame their fears.

This episode was a collaborative writing effort between Tim Johnson, Zale Dalen, and Ruth Anderson.  We wanted it to come off like a TV ad for the Internet.  Directed and edited by Zale Dalen. Camera and lighting by Tim Johnson. Sound and technical direction by Dana Fehr.

Dating Advice stars Nicole Busby as Sarah Becker and Ruth Anderson as Vivian Becker.  The dog was voiced by GouGou.  The kettle is very old school, pure cinematic symbolism that harkens back to Hitchcock.

Nicole did the heavy lifting in this episode, having to deal with all those moves and handle the tea service props.  Her performance was so consistent that she made this very easy to edit. My feeling is we are tightening up our production and technical chops.  Each episode gets easier to shoot and better.

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