Welcome to the Quiltbags Web Series Home Page.

“Quiltbags” is a web series which explores sexuality through dramatized scenes with a variety of fascinating characters. You never know who might show up, or what they might want.

We are just getting started, so please stay tuned.  Better yet, submit a comment to help us find our direction and subscribe (just click on the “register” link in the Meta section below this page) so you will be sure to catch the first episode.

opening credits


13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Quiltbags Web Series Home Page.

    1. We get another episode or two shot and then start posting them. We have two done now and I like them. Hope you will too.

  1. What a positive approach! Absolutely love it. The world needs more of this type of filming. Way to go and look forward to following the Series! VI Film and Entertainment Cooperative

    1. Thanks Kristin

      We are hoping it is the start of something big. We are counting on everyone who likes what we are doing to pass it on so we can build momentum. Episode 2 will be out soon so stay tuned,


  2. Thank you for sharing this clip. For me, the scene’s about the poignant and suspenseful commingling of love, loneliness, fear, and wonder that arises when one person risks expressing to another person, through painful confession, deeply felt needs that challenge social norms.

    1. Thanks, Richard. You nailed it. Please feel free to spread the link around and help us build interest.

    2. Thanks Rick

      The 12 year old boy in Episode 2 ( on stairs in episode 1) is my son Theo. We are having allot of fun with the series and hope to continue to put out an episode every 2 weeks. The theme is going to continue to be a look at the Quiltbags community and the misconceptions us straight folks have about it. Good hearing from you.


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