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Film Industry Management as it Exists

If you are a professional who wants to make a living in the film industry, this is where you do it and what you are getting into.

The current film industry is dominated by established funding, production and distribution bodies, strict managerial principles, tight script control, tight schedules, and heirarchical production structures.  All of this controlled by unions, guilds, producers organizations, and distribution companies and marketing specialists.  In television and movie production as it is practiced in the industry today you'll find:

Every second on set is precious.  Time is money.  Mistakes can only be made on big budget pictures where there is room in the craft services budget to make a little movie like the one you are working on.  For the movies and budgets that first time directors get to make, the game is stacked against you.  When the shooting is over, the whole mess is turned over to an editor, or a team of editors, who try desperately to make it all look like a movie, or like television. 

Watch any mainstream movie credits and you will see how extensive this list of jobs and functionis is. 
It's industrial management in the Frank Taylor (father of micromanagement) tradition and it is ANTI-ART.

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