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Historical Precidents: 

Artisan Movies only became possible with the arrival of digital media.  Before that, the tools needed to make something that looked like a movie required lots of money.  Now anybody can make a movie.  Now we can get back to concentrating on telling a story and entertaining an audience.

The Artisan Movie Movement is a reincarnation of the Volksmovie Movement, which was formed around the turn of the millenium, managed to generate one feature length romantic comedy, and then died through a comedy of errors.  The founder, Zale Dalen, went bankrupt and ran away to China for almost a decade; the domain name was handed off to an enthusstic supporter who then managed to lose it by failing to renew (Not naming names here.  We all have our malfunctions and he's a good guy.)  

Cut to present day:  We all recognize the problems with the Volksmovie Movement name.  While it rolls trippingly off the tongue, it has too close an association with Volkswagon, there's the whole German thing, and a lot of people just didn't get it.  So as part of this reincarnation, we looked for a new name and Artisan Movies (suggested by Tim Johnson, one of the original Volksmovie members) fits the concept.

We didn't invent the Volksmovie, nor it's reincarnation as Artisan Movie.  This kind of movie, and this style of movie making, has been in existence since digital production became possible for the average person.   But we are inventing/founding the Artisan Movie Movement as a  gathering place for  Artisan Movie  makers  to find community support.

We lost, or have abandoned, most the Volksmovie Movement website content.  What we are keeping is the mascot and the logo, because they are still whimsical fun.

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